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Cens Membership Cards

Cens Legends represent a collection of 999 legends categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. By owning an NFT included in this rare collection of NFTs, participants have the privilege of accessing the products or services in the Cens World ecosystem and those of Cens World partners for free.

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Phase 01

Q1, 2022


Project Research.

Team building.

Community building.

2D APP Development.

Mint NFT building.

Event creation feature.

Build NFT ticket creation feature.

Phase 02

Q3, 2022


Build Website.

Build business model, whitepaper.

Investment cooperation fund.

Public launching.

Release Website.

Release Whitepaper.

Release Pitch Deck.

Phase 03

Q4, 2022


NFT Marketplace Test nest.

INO website.

Publish Marketplace.

Phase 04

Q1, 2023


List NFT market place.

List on exchange.

Release staking/ lending page test nest.

Release Aution NFT feature.

Publish test beta market place application.

Release Whitepaper.


Phase 05

Q2, 2023


Generate NFT with 3D, audio, video.

Dapp Find & earn.

External wallets intergration.

Payment gate with CENS token, USDT, BUSD.

Stacking NFT, Lending/borrowing with NFT.

Phase 06

Q3, 2023


Metaverse with VR, AR.

CENS buying item in metaverse.


E-Commerce site with CENS token.

Web 3.0.

New features update.

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